"Under Construction 3"
Sazall '51 Pro Freak
This low lid Henry J belongs to Dave from Concord, Ohio. He has done all of the work himself including the custom 2X3 chassis with full roll cage. Motor is a vintage 392 Chrysler Hemi mated to a Chevrolet powerglide transmission with brake, and backed by a Ford 9'. Glass front end tilts to expose the strut front steering and motor. Car has glass rear quarters and the roof was grafted from a Chevy Monza hatchback. Dave says the car only stands 51' tall at the highest point. This is the nicest looking altered chop top I have seen done to a Henry J, great job Dave!
Henry Alexander's Henry J Gasser
This '60's style gasser started life as a 34K original. Since then Henry has removed the entire floor and replaced it with a new one adding two new cross members to stiffen the floors. Rolled rear pan was made along with the license plate. Rear quarters got the radius look and a bead was formed around the radius and the recessed license plate box. Original frame was sandblasted and the front frame horns removed for a new sub frame made of 1.5X3 square tubing. Front end is a Total Performance 4" dropped axle with a transverse mounted leaf spring. Rear is a narrowed 9' with 4'88 gears and a Ford posi,  Moosier axles and Willwood disc's. Wheels are ET 12X15's rear with MT 31X1.5 Sportsman's. Fronts are 3.5X15 Halibrand 5 spoke spindle mount wheels with 135X15's. Corvair reversed box handles the steering. The current engine is a 300hp 327 backed by a 350TH. Soon to be replaced with a 352 Chrysler Hemi
This Henry J belong to Steve Pendleton of Cadwell, Idaho. So far Steve and his brother have installed new floors, firewall and roll cage. Front suspension has been replaced with Mustang II components. Rear is a narrowed Ford 9' with 3;89 gears and mini spool, running on a set of coil over shocks and ladder bars. Rear tires are MT 29X15.5X15's. Motor is a Ford351 Winsor that will soon be completely rebuilt. Trans is a Ford C4 with reverse pattern full manual valve body with ratchet shifter. Car will be running a removable fiberglass front end with pro scoop. Looks like a great start to a nice street strip hot rod Henry J! Thanks, Steve
Here are a few photo's of Tom Johnson's '51 Henry J from Camden, Ohio. According to Tom, it wasn't even fit for the bone yard when he started on it. Now it has a Mustang rack and pinion unit up front and a 9in Ford with 3:70 gears and mini spool in the rear. Disc brakes are used at all four corners. Motor is a Ford 460 with Edelbrock intake, Crane cam, Dove heads and Sanderson headers. It is backed by a C-6 trans with a 3300 stall torque converter. Rear tires are 19in Mickey Tompsons and interior is completly done in aluminum. Tom owns an old vintage Texaco station and has done all of the work on his car there. Looks like he is getting ready to paint soon. Keep us updated and be sure to send in the pics of the final product .
Here are a few pics of Mark Mahorney's Under Construction Allstate. Mark is from Louisville, Kentucky and has owned this car for over 30 years. It was a gasser with a blown Olds in the sixtys. He raced it from '79-'81 including at the PDRA world finals at Bristol. He is currently updating with an Art Morrison frame with Dana 60, 727 Torqueflite and a 426 Hemi stroked to 472ci. Custom made rollcage and motor mounts as well as fiberglass doors and doghouse. This car will do street duty as well as runs at the local dragstrip.
Here are a few pics sent in by Scott Yust of his Henry J he has had since he was 15. Now he is 26 and his car is finished. With his fathers help they built a 2X3 boxed frame, and installed Mustang II with a power rack. Motor is a Chevy stroker 383 with 10.5 pistons, 883 heads,Comp cam with 515 lift, Pete Jackson gear drive and 650 Holley carb. Trans is a 350TH with 3500 stall and manual valve body. The rear is a Ford 9" with a 373 posi. and disc brakes are used on all four corner. This is a daily driver and ISCA show winner
Here are a few pics sent in by Duane Price of Peoria Arizona. He and his crew have been busy working on his '51. He has already replaced the floor pans and modified the firewall for the Chevrolet 350 (375HP) and TH350. All of this is going on a modified S-10 Blazer frame.