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The following photo's were sent in by Jenson Masters of Brodhead, Kentucky. Jenson has been wanting a pro-street Henry for some time now and has hocked his sole for this one. He has started by completely cutting out the entire floor getting ready for the Jeg's tube frame and roll cage.
The motor of choice going in this Henry will be the small block Chevy, stroked to 406 with Eagle racing components, roller cam and Dart aluminum heads. All that will be helped along with the NOS 250hp power shot nitrous system. Trans will be Turbo 400/3800 converter with trans brake.
Jenson wil be adding four wheel disc brakes with coil over lateral bar suspension. The rear will be the stout Ford 9" with 4.56 gears. Rear tires will be 29X15.50X15's and Weld racing wheels will be used on all corners. Flaming River rack and pinion with do the front steering.
This car will have a full aluminum interior and will be street driven as well as DOT inspected. Jenson is hoping to be burning up the streets with his Henry J by this Spring. Looks like a great start to what should be one "BADASS HOTROD HENRY J"

Here is a Henry in the works from Caldwell, Idaho. The owner Jon Crowley has already built a 2X3 square tube chassis, and has a Ford 460 he is planning on dropping in soon. Also he has installed a 12pt roll cage and a new floor pan. This car is running Weld drag stars all around and will have a set of Mickey Thompson 29X15.5X15's on the back to handle all of the power from the big ford with a Paxton supercharger. More on this car when Jon sends more info and pics. Jon also has a statch of HJ parts so stay tuned for the update.
The following Henry J is being built by Travis Kling of Littleton, Colorodo for his wife, Cheryl. Travis and his working buddies at J. W. Brewer Tire in Englewood, Colorado are now taking it apart and doing the work. So  far they have added a Mustang II front end with Heidt cross member.
This is Cheryl's car as purchased at the local swap meet for $1200. This will be a nice street driver, and will see daily duty.
Firewall has been recessed 3" to make room for a 355 small block Chevy with 9.1 pistons, comp cam, HEI ignition,TH350 with 1800 stall converter, stage II shift kit, backed by a 8" Ford rear with 350.1 posi. on stock Henry springs. Steering column is from Pontiac Fiero, and future plans call for a Grifffin radiator and to replace those ugly rusted out quarters with some from Hotrod Henry's rust free personal statch. Travis is going to paint the car in traditional hotrod fashion, purple primer. They are hoping to have Cheryl's Henry running buy this summer.
This Henry J is being built by Charlie Lehman of Columbia, PA. It has a Chevy S-10 frame with 2" dropped spindles and a S&W chassis sub frame wth coil overs, ladder bars and 9" Ford rear. Weld drag star rims are used all around with 29X18.5 rear meats. Motor choice is yet to be determined, but he is leaning towards a Chrysler Hemi. More pics will be added as progress is made.
Here are a few shots of Bill Reagor of Portage, Indiana life long 52 Henry J streetrod project.
Bill started with the frame adding Mustang II front suspension and steering, narrowed rear frame with a Chevrolet 12bolt rear with 3:73 gears and Strange axles. Power comes from a huge 468 BB Chevrolet with fenderwell headers backed up by a 350 TH with manual valve body.
Bill also built the custom firewall and trans tunnel a well as rolling the rear pan and welding up the seams in the fenders. Very nice job with the metal work and paint as you can see, looks like he has the garage for it also.
Bill added buckets and a rear seat and all the interior with be done in a white and turquoise. The doors and front end are both fiberglass and nose tilts forward to expose the engine bay. He also added power window and shaved the door handles for the remote entry. Bill says he has already logged about 50, and it handles real nice and runs great, and is a blast to drive. Looking goood Bill !!!
This Henry is being built by Brian Austin of Port Townsend, Washington. Future plans call for a built 302 Ford, C4 trans and radiased wheel wells. He has already installed a Mustang II front suspension and new 2X3 frame rails, as well as a Ford 9in. He has also installed a new recessed firewall and floorboards.
This '51 Henry project is being done by Clinton Place who lives in Waipahu, Hawaii. He has completely stripped the body and frame and  sandblasted all of the components,
Next came the tedious process of doing all the body work and preperations for the new black paint.
Here it is in the booth with its new coat of paint. Future upgrades with include a blown 572ci Chevrolet BB motor, Art Morrison chromoly chassis with 12 point roll cage, 4 link rear suspension with a Mark Williams Ford 9" rear with 4:11 gears, turbo 400 trans with brake.