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This will be the place for the Henry's that are still in the garage waiting for the day that they can come out and "PLAY"   
This prostreet Henry J is being built by Bill of Atwater, Ohio. He and his friend have done all the work in his garage. The frame is all tube with Mustang front suspension and Ford 9".  Wheels are Boggart and plans call for in the future to the tune of a 461 ci BB Chevrolet. These guys did some quality work on this car, will post more progress as Bill sends them to me.
This Henry belongs to Tracy Black from Burbank, California. So far he has shaved the body and added a rolled rear pan and Caddy tail lights. More pics and info coming soon!k here to add your text.
This chopped, blown and hammered Henry J belongs to Kevin Paxton of Roseburg Oregon. It is running a Ford 460 topped by a GMC huffer. The back half has an Art Morrison coil over ladder bar suspension.
Kevin built the frame and added Mustang II front suspension. He adds that this is going to be a dual purpose machine seeing street duty as well as the strip. Wonder how he will keep the wind out of his hair!
These are a few pictures sent in by Alan Swartz of Stanwood, Washington. Future plans for this Henry include a 454 BB Chevy backed by a 400 turbo, Ford 9" rear with 3.50 gears.
Alan is a hard core gasser fanatic, look closely and you can see his 48 Anglia and  in the works 41 Studebaker. Bitchin garage with a door for each car. Seperate remotes?
This is Al's "Bad Attistude", it is running a gear driven, roller cammed .030 over 350 with Dart aluminum heads and 350 turbo. He has installed a Fatman front end with disc's. He has also added an Art Morrison 8 point roll cage.
If Al can find himself a 41 Willys he will have a full house of gassers to play with!
Alan has also been extreamly helpfull with the building of this site. He has contributed numerious pictures to the picture page, as well as getting other Henry fans to this site. Thanks for all your help Al!
This all Chevrolet Henry J belongs to Jay Carr of Vincennes, Indiana. He is finally driving it daily after 6 years of working on it in his spare time. The motor is a 396 punched to 408, it has been set back 12" and is backed by a Turbo 350/10" converter. All that horsepower is linked to a narrowed 12bolt posi. He is now running Cragers all around with 29X18.5X15 in the back. Jay hand built his 2X3 square tubing frame. He adding a straight axle up front and narrowed the rear frame rails retaining the stock Henry leafs. Jay says this car is a blast to drive and has no problem getting out into traffic. Great job Jay, love those rear Mickey's.xt.
Here are a few pictures sent in by Jamie Tribley of Mayfield, New York showing the easy way to disasemble a Henry. Future plans call for a blown 354 Hemi, Art Morrison pro street chassis, 9" Ford rear, Turbo 400 trans. Will be running Weld Rod Light wheels all around with 31X18.5X15 Mickey Thompsons on the rear. Jamie wants to shave the door handles and eliminate the vent windows as well as add custom leather interior and tinted glass. More pics will be added as progress is made. Nice body for a car from New York!
Guess what Henry J fans? Due to the overwellming response to the "Under Construction Page, there is going to be another page added.  Keep those photo's coming.
Here is Jamie's new Art Morrison pro street chassis. Jamie is running a four link coil over rear suspension with a narrowed Ford 9''.ck here to add your text.
Here is the body back on the frame, with the rear section removed in preperation for the new sheet metal floor and wheel tubs. Jamie also cut the dash and added 4" to it to make the dash look like he say's should have looked from the factory. It sure gets my vote.
Here are a few shots of the excellent metal work done exclusively by Jamie. I really admire the way he has modified the firewall and dropped in the Fire Dome 354 Chrysler Hemi. Fantastic start to what I am sure will be a show stopping pro-street Henry J.