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This is the spot to tell the world about your Henry J
Green with blue scalloped pro street Henry is owned by Larry & Sherry Hosaluk, no info on                         others, was snapped at the Goodguys event in Des Moines IAeto add your text.
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The following Henry J pictures come from Mark Mastrianni of Danbury CT. This is the true Hot Rod Henry J family. They have a total of three care running around their home town. Their icon is Mark Sr. who drag raced his Henry in the "60's". This guy has gone out of his way to make this page a success, Thank Mark.
This Henry is owned by Mark's brother-in-law Jim. He and his wife Karen have outfitted it with a 330HP 350 small block Chevy and it runs  a turbo 350 and Ford 9"

                    Last but not least is Mark Sr's Henry J. This one is running the                                     time tested 350/350 and also has a Ford 9"

This is a picture of Mark Mastrianni Sr's '51 Henry J taken at the drag strip in the '60's. It ran a Buick 401 and had time slips in the 12'sck here to add your text.
OH Henry, is owned by Joe Fasoi, it is a full custom and was built by Lakeside Rods & Rides of Rockwell City Iowa. Check out a full story in November's issue of Rod & Customk here to add your text.
This picture was taken in the summer of 1968, and is owned by Mac Shaw of Ames IA. According to his brother Tommy who sent in this picture this car really "WAILED"
This prostreet 54 Henry J Corsair belongs to Marc Meigs of Portland Or. This photo snaped at a show in Goldendale Wn. He was rewarded a Gold award for his efforts.
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This is Mark's car it is running a 350 under a fiberglass tilt front end. The motor is backed by a turbo trans and has a Chevy positrac rearend. Mark has also added a Corvair front clip to do the steering. to add your text.
This badass '54 Henry J accordinly named "U NEEEK" is owned by Tom Green of Oregon City OR. He too was also awarded a gold for this uneek Henry. Love the wheelie bars and chute. Anyone up for a 9 second ride?
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This beautiful Henry J is owned by Lonney Bostrom. It was a gasser up until 1980 when he totally revamped it to the prostreet look of today,
These are the last pics of Henry VIII and are "IN MEMORY" of Lonnie, he and the car both died in a crash at Firebird raceway in Boise, Idaho. Rest in peace.
This cherry 52 Henry J Corsair deluxe belongs to Doug Eilers of Lebanon, Oregon. Doug's car is totaly original and has only logged 32K miles to date. It has a six banger with overdrive. Doug has been very instumental in the building of this site for us Henry J fans, buy letting me use some of his photo's taken at various Kaiser car shows he has attended....
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This 51 Henry J is owned by Jon Centracchio, from West Springfield, Mass. It is running a Buick Nailhead 364 topped with 671 blower and two Edelbrock carbs. The motor is set back 9" and is backed by a swith pitch Turbo 400 trans and Mopar 8 3/4 rear. Jon say's the car origanally came from California and ran at Los Angeles county and Lions drag strips. Jon says he drives it on the street as much as possible.
Here is a pic sent in by Melissa Brooks of Fredericksburg Va. Her husband Jamie, his father James, and brothers Jeff and John make up the Jeb Four Racing team. There Pro Gas '51 Henry J started life as a stocker but now is all fiberglass retaining only the original roof. They compete on the NHRA Supergas circuit. This Henry is powered by a Chevrolet 555 built by Sonny Lenord and has 1100HP. The car weighs in at just 2700lbs with driver and turns 8.0's in the quarter.  This is one awsome J!!