Jim Centilli's 1953 Sears Allstate
I normally don't do a page on a car that is not finished but this is the first Sears Allstate that I have ever seen get the prostreet treatment. Jim has promised to get the finished pictures to me as soon as he has it painted. It is getting prepped for paint now and should be finished in the near future.
Jim is from Clearwater, Florida, and this is where he found his Allstate. Jim says the original owner suffered a heart attach while trying to change a head gasket, and it sat for 30+ years before being sold. It sat in this barn for 8 years before Jim located it.
Jim used the stock frame stubbing it with 2X3 square tubing and adding a Fatman Mustang II front suspension with rack and pinion steering. The rear frame rails were narrowed to accept a 64 Olds 9 3/8 posi rear with Richmond 4:30 gears and Moser axles.
Jim says that his car needed the usual rust repair in the floors and rocker, and he did the wheel tubs at the same time. Nice job splicing them into the original floor and trunk.
Now for the heart of the project. Jim decided to do a little something different in the motor department It is a Buick Stage I 455, backed by a Turbine 250 2-speed with a swith pitch converter. Looks like a nice job Jim is doing building himself a set of fenderwell headers
Body back on the frame and checking for firewall clearance and locating all the new holes for bolting it down. Us Henry owners have all been there, seems like there just not enough room for all that horsepower.
Here is the car with its new Weld draglights and one piece fiberglass front end. Body work in progress and lining up all of the body lines in preperation for the PPG Chrome Yellow paint. The rears are running 29X15.5X15's and the fronts are 3X15. Looks link a Moon 5 gallon fuel tank mounted in front of the radiator, talk about Nostolgia.
More photo's coming soon!!