This car started out as a 34K original. Henry made new floors and cross members and set the motor under the dash which required an enclosure to be fabricated. Rear of the frame was retained and reinforced. New frame rails were fabricated from the rear seat forward and welded into the remaining original frame. Steering is a reversed Corvair. Front suspension is a Total Performance axle with 15X4 Halibrand wheels. Rear is a Ford 9in with 31 spline axles and posi with 4:88's. Rear wheels are 12.5X15 ET3's with 31X15.5 15's MT's. Rear has leaf springs with coil over shocks and ladder bars. Wildwood discs are used on the rear. Interior has bucket seats and Simpson 5 point safety harness's. Stewart Warner guages were used in the dash. Henry has been building this car for over 6 years and has built it to look like a late 60's gasser. He says he will drive it in primer for awhile to make sure that no further mods are necessary.. His next plans are to paint it candy apple purple over gold base and to install the blown 392 Chrysler Hemi.
Here are a few new updated pics of Henry's car. He decided against the Hemi and went with a blown 355 Chevy instead.