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Bill Reagor's 52 Henry J
Here is another Henry to make it off the the "Under Constructon" page. Bill is from Portage, Indiana and has been working on his car for almost five years. Here are the final results.

Bill had a few good friends help him with his life long project. John Whited fabricated the frame and did all of the custom metal body work and welding. Geno Niloff was resposible for laying on the beautiful auqa paint job. With friends like that how could a guy go wrong.
Engine is a 468 BB Chevy backed by a 350 turbo. Rear is 12 bolt. Mustang II front end. Wheels are Weld Pro Stars with Hoosier prostreet radials. Front seats are from a Mazda 626 and rear is from a Dodge Shadow and folds down for more room. All was covered with white and aqua material in 4" squares in the centers by Lowell glass and trim. Car has tinted glass, power windows and door openers, power retractable licence plate and will get power trunk lid next.